Occupy Pinterest

For Starters

Are you a woman? Well, you may not find much value in this post—that’s okay with me. You are welcome to stop reading this post, because chances are you will find the information terribly obvious and wonder why some guy is writing about Pinterest. Or, you can send this link to your brother, boyfriend, Dad or any man in your life who needs to be ‘put up on the latest.’ Are you a man? Well, good, this post is for you.

Gents, let me introduce you to the world of Pinterest and clear up a few misconceptions about what it is. Primarily, it is a tool that allows you to catalogue things you find inspiring—that Mohammad Ali poster, those Ron Swanson quotes, inspiration for the man cave and other cool stuff like that. It’s really just a place where you can start an idea and visually build on it until you can act on it.

Why it’s really interesting

I can understand why is it seems like an overtly female thing to be involved with: because women are the only people we usually see using it. But, I think that fact points to one of the greatest perks of using the site—you’d be able to know what women are into.

Why would any guy want to know what women are into? Well, for starters, you’d be able to fing great ideas for gifts, know her tastes in food and come out of the dark ages when it comes to women—I mean come on!

The heart of the matter 

I felt most inclined to write this post when I found myself leisurely lounging at home, in my favorite armchair, gathering inspiring bits to develop this blog, when a friend of mine asked, “Dude, are you on Pinterest!?” On the surface, this is not a bad question; however, he wasn’t speaking with the excited “bro, is that the new Madden,!?” voice.

He was concerned. He was speaking with conviction about rebuking some sort of effeminate action and I can understand why: Most guys don’t know just what kind of tool the site can be.

For guys using the site, we’d love to see more bros sharing cool stuff. And because it is female dominated we get slammed with D.I.Y fingernail images, girl-power quotes and the likes. It’d be great to more guy centered content.

Parting thought

If after reading this post, you find a site like this is not for you, that’s cool. My hope is that you’d at least know what’s up. I would like to see more guys champion emerging social media sites like this one and not be discouraged to enjoy the perks based on incorrect, pre-conceived notions.

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