100 Day Photo Challenge: My Favorite Things

Apartment Hill, Wayne Thiebaud. Favorite painting. Ever.

Well, here I go. A photo each day. 100 days.

The Inspiration behind the project:

In my last semester of college, a friend bought me collection of plays by Anton Chekov. Reading about one of the plays featured in the anthology, I ran across an excerpt from The Seagull,’ in which one character, Nina, tells another, Trepylov, about an epiphany she’s had concerning life as an artist. Nina states,

“I now know, I understand…the most important thing isin’t fame or glory or anything I used to dream about–but the ability to endure. To know how to bear your cross and have faith…when  I think about my vocation I’m not afraid of life.” 

It felt like a jab in the gut, a challenge to endure the angst of creating (particularly)  past the point of simply being inspired.

Also, a continuous loop of John Coltrane’s *‘My Favorite Things’ playing in my head for the past three years since I first heard it–mostly when snowflakes stay on my nose and eyelashes (I couldn’t resist.) 

And Lastly, graduating college this year. This time is now to buck up and conjure intrinsic motivation to keep growing and keep discovering.

*try Al Jarreau’s version, too.

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