Seasons Pass: A Little of My Story

Encountering the Lord the way I have over the past few years has encouraged a great deal of change in my life. I’ve been through a lot and I get refreshed just knowing the last seven years of my life will be no more than just seven years of my life.

I stumbled through my high school years moving back and forth from Kansas and Kentucky, going to a new school each year and encountering my fair share of mischief, loss and eventually found a life worth living for in Christ Jesus.

Through all of that one thing has always been with me: music. I have always loved hip-hop music and I always will. Some people take to it because of the music alone. Others appreciate it within in the context of the culture, fascinated by the fashion, the lingo and the art. For me, it’s all of the above. I think the power of the spoken word has incredible constructive potential through which culture can be enriched and ideas communicated.

I wrote my first rap in the third grade and grew up free-style rapping with my father. It was an exercise in bonding for us.  But, recently, music has taken a different meaning in my life; I now get the opportunity to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which I find more fulfilling than the message of how “nice” I am was.

I get a kick out of these two songs I did a few years ago. They mark the beginning of a maturation I didn’t fully understand at the time.  They help me see how much I’ve changed, but let me know I have indeed been transformed. 

Knowing where my life is heading now, I look forward to more opportunities to use music as a tool for advancing the kingdom of God.

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