Careening Toward Something (Wilcox Wedding)

Nine months out college and sixty percent toward realizing my fundraising goal to begin full-time ministry, something amazing happened. I fell in love with photography. I had already loved the art form for about a year now. But, in a cosmic explosion of stress and release, as I pressed the shutter button at a friends wedding, I actually came to love the process of figuring out where and in what form photography will fit into my life.

What I remember from that day are the awesome moments in which the bridesmaids were bursting at the seams with excitement about their friend’s nuptials that evening. I remember the colors and the bright smiles.

Wedding Wilcox

One of my cameras has a funny way about it. Each time I press the shutter button, it sounds as if there is a miniature operation inside the camera itself, opening and closing the shutter while pulling the film through to produce the exposed image. I think about it each time I make a picture, but at this wedding I was almost overwhelmed that my little operation was working to capture these moments.

Wilcox BridesmaidsI can’t help but think about how fortunate I was to be there that day. It’s my second time shooting a wedding and in this case particularly, I was incredibly humbled by the fact the couple trusted me enough to capture this day for them.

Bryan and His Groomsmen It was truly a euphoric experience. And as life unfolds before me, I’m excited to discover what place photography has in the mix of my ministry, personal and spiritual development. I don’t know what it will look like, but, whatever the case, I’m all in.

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