Mandy’s Senior Photos

If you’ve been following this blog, or were around when I started it, you may have noticed my swing from writing about and exploring things that are fundamentally interesting to logging my photography experiences.

I’ve wrestled with staying true to my original idea of exploring media, the arts and style and giving an acute account of why I appreciate some of the best things coming from those areas and growing as a creator myself.

Existing in the space between the ideal and my real life, photography has been the most consistent way for me to produce. That’s going to change soon. My aim is to swing back to the basics and start exploring the Fundamintal things again. Thank you for enduring the ride thus far.

Until we get back to the originally planned programming, please enjoy my good friend Mandy’s senior photos. She just graduated the University of Kansas by way of St. Louis, MO. She’s a great gal, good cook and even more fun to photograph!






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