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Mandy’s Senior Photos

If you’ve been following this blog, or were around when I started it, you may have noticed my swing from writing about and exploring things that are fundamentally interesting to logging my photography experiences. I’ve wrestled with staying true to … Continue reading

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But Wait, There’s More

I’m excited  for more learning. I’m ready for more triumphs and disasters and to “treat those two impostors just the same.” For now, there’s more Wilcox Wedding photos–

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Careening Toward Something (Wilcox Wedding)

Nine months out college and sixty percent toward realizing my fundraising goal to begin full-time ministry, something amazing happened. I fell in love with photography. I had already loved the art form for about a year now. But, in a … Continue reading

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Day Four: A Favorite Fruit

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Day One: Inglorious Parts of Town

Growing up in Kansas City, MO, I developed a fascination with the non-flattering parts of town. There were always run-down homes, buildings and scandalous alleys I wanted to explore. Getting familiar with these places make me feel more comfortable about my surroundings. … Continue reading

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